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There's nothing like hearing a good story- and a good testimony right? But what makes it good, is it the adventure or the crazy lows or highs? 

A lot of my friends tell me "I don't have a testimony."

And I don't buy it, I don't believe it. I think if we are growing in God, then we all have a testimony. And sometimes it's hard to share. Some parts should be guarded a little more than others. But what better way to share your life with someone than sharing what Jesus has done for you? There are so many parts of my testimony, because my testimony, is just my story about how God has changed me and the exciting ways He works.

Now honestly, I can't write down my whole testimony in three minutes. I can't tell you how Jesus has saved me from being lost in the woods, from being lost in my pride, from almost being stolen in Peru, from almost developing an eating disorder, or  taking me to Alaska, and convincing me to change careers, and overcome my biggest fears, but what I can tell you is Jesus changed my life for the better.

I was raised as an Adventist Christian, spent some time in public, Baptist, and Adventist schools as well as a missionary in Peru. I think my journey with God started when I was pretty young, but I definitely had some challenges and obstacles I had to overcome as well as a period of stagnation when I wondered if it was worth it.

I found Jesus the most in my life when I was a missionary and when I worked at summer camp. Both these experiences challenged what it meant to follow Him. 

I had always had a plan for my life and I thought it would be simple and sweet. That year in Peru changed my view of the world. I met orphan children who ripped my heart in two.  I came face to face with some big fears and slowly struggled through tears and learning how to love uncomfortably close and awkward ways.

That year wasn't easy because I learned I wasn't very strong, I wasn't a superhero, couldn't save the world, couldn't even save one child in the orphanage system. But I learned who God was. He was strong, He was able, and He was merciful. Again and again I fell that year and He picked me up. I prayed that year a new prayer I'd never prayed before "Lord take everything and change my heart. Take away the old me and make me new with your love. I don't want to live the easy life anymore. I want to follow you."

I remember one night lying outside at the orphanage hungry, lice filled, and smelling awfully terrible, but looking at the stars, and knowing without a doubt that God wanted every part of my life. And that was terrifying...

But it was when I gave up everything, that was when I learned that Jesus was the Lord of miracles. He does miracles. I can attest. Because He began to change me and do things I thought were impossible. When Jesus called me to be a pediatric nurse, that was one of the hardest things in my life. It was so opposite what I wanted for myself- but because I followed God to do it, I have learned so much.

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