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Beauty Abounds

I promise you- there is beauty in this world.

No matter what your situation looks like right now, no matter how much pain you're going through- it gets better.

I don't know the hospital you live in; the prison you may face daily; the fear you battle.

But I know who Jesus is- and I know He's the God that always saves, the God who always provides, the God who always loves, and the God who always heals.

And you can find this healing, you can find this beauty- if you meet Jesus.

Hold onto Him because the storm may cause you to question it, the clouds and pain, may take away your ability to see it.

But His beauty, His goodness is still there, His mercies are new every morning.

Not a cliche- life is easy, picture-frame it- instagram worthy- kind of beauty.

But His beauty is there for you too.

"How do you know?" you may ask..

Because I've been there too. And I've experienced His hands of healing and beauty in my life

time and time again.

Sabbath this week was such a blessing. I watched the sun light up the sky in the African

savannah and went on a nature walk, where I came face to face with a baby zebra nursing

from her mama's chest.

Something about this picture- a young zebra, so vulnerable to lions and hyenas in the wild-

being protected and nurtured by her mama just really blessed me.

I felt like it was just a gift from God and His reminder that I was right where He wanted me

and that beauty abounds.

To be honest with you, the past 2 weeks at the clinic were really hard because I was

struggling with finding purpose, and passion, and hope. I felt disgusting, unworthy of love,

and not like a good missionary. It was just a difficult two weeks- for different reasons-

missionary life can be challenging and you can feel lonely or discouraged. Entering Sabbath,

I felt really tired and weary.

But spending time at camp, in nature, and with beautiful people God put into my life was

such a blessing. And it just reminded me that His is always faithful, He is always good. And

when we get discouraged- whatever we may be facing- we just have to look back up to Him

because our good Father in heaven has a million gifts He wants to bestow upon His children.

He is good friends, let's choose to praise Him.

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