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CLINIC and other Missionary Life Updates

Updated: May 23, 2019

I feel like it's been a while since I've written about clinic and shown you pics of my life here, so I want to tell you some updates that have happened in the last 3 weeks.

We had a transfer this week to Kisi which is a town about 3 hours away. A seventeen year old boy came in with grand mal seizures. We gave him a bunch of seizure medication but he had intermittent seizures for an hour until he stabilized. At the hospital in Kisi they were able to do a CT skan/ MRI to look at his brain to try and figure out why the seizures were happening.

Births: So in total, I've "delivered"/ caught about 10 babies on my own now (with other people present). I've seen about 40 deliveries total. I still really love births and LOVE babies.

Sweet little May baby

Kirpa and I taking care of this new delivery

Shots: I feel like I've given a bajillion shots lately but this little guy's face sums up how we all feel about them. Come on, who actually likes shots?

He knows what's coming.. and he doesn't like it

Mothers and babies coming in for their well baby check ups and vaccinations

Prenatal classes: Our prenatal classes with the women are going really nicely. It's nice to really educate the women about what to expect with child birth. We make them tea and put pout yoga mats for them. I think they are really enjoying it and I really like helping with them.

On average we normally have from 5-15 women per class.

Cooking: Our cooking has gotten much more gourmet. Mango rice, Lentil burgers, Hummus, Taco Tuesday, Sweet potato pancakes. Sometimes my life here revolves around food (literally) because it takes so LONG to cook we have to plan out in the morning what we are going to make in the evening. But our food is pretty descent- I gotta say.

Mediteranean meal with falafels and hummus

My friend Kirpa got malaria this week and it was really scary. Malaria is such a serious disease. She is finally beginning to feel better but she has been sick for a week and it has really took a toll. Please keep praying for her and a faster recovery.

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May 23, 2019

Wow I’m so glad you commented! Miss your whole group; working with all of you was a huge blessing and encouragement 😊 I found the blue bird blanket about a month ago and when I saw it I was like this is so beautiful! Right now it is the blanket all of the babies lie on beneath the isolette. It’s definitely being used ❤️ thanks for the love!


May 16, 2019

Brooke, Les and I both enjoy your blogs. We rode together to Mara West Camp as part of the Markham Woods team. I have to say when I saw the doll blanket (with the blue birds) being used with the babies, I cried. Mom (who died while I was there) and I put that together, and I hoped it would be used. What a blessing to see it in use! Thank you for being such a blessing to those you serve. Margaret

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