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Everybody Needs Help

I was almost to the Starbucks drive through when I was interrupted by what seemed to be the longest- ever traffic light. At the corner intersection I saw a young man with a woman at His side, holding a sign.

I quickly looked away. I typically don't give money to homeless people and this intersection was common beggars ground. But in my heart I began to wonder what the sign said. And why were two young people homeless? Were they even married?

And how did they ever get to the point of their life where they had to ask for money on a corner street?

Looking back over at the homeless man I finally read the sign which stated

"Everybody needs a little help once in a while"

And as I reread the sign, I knew I had to do something. I didn't have food. I didn't have homeless grab bags. But I did have cash. And I knew that I had enough money to spare. So I rolled down my window and gave. Friends, it's too easy to judge. And so often, I do. I judge them. I question the people that aren't like me- that don't think the way I do. I ask them Why they don't have a job? I ask them How they could fall captive to addiction? I ask them Where is their support system, their friends, and their families- why aren't they helping? But the truth is, we all need grace. We all are homeless without Christ. We are all undeserving of eternal life. We are undeserving of even material blessings. But God is the faithful provider of every good gift. And we can judge these people, but the sign still holds true

Everybody needs a little help once in a while

Friends, life throws us curve balls and life isn't fair. Sometimes tragedy happens. This world is sinful. An expensive disease can break a family; divorce tells people apart. Many kids were not raised in homes with positive influences. They weren't taught how to find a job, how to guard their money. Friends we will never understand, why people are in the situations they are and how they got their, but we can demonstrate compassion and love.

So often, I find myself in messes I could never imagine being in.

I never imagined being a slacker student- never would have ever missed a deadline on a test. But now that I'm older, working two jobs, running around, I missed my test deadline. I had to beg my teacher for mercy.

I never imagined being heart broken. Never imagined experiencing the emotions of deep depression. Never imagined some of my closest friends moving away. Never imagined one of my parents developing a disease.

But we all need help. We all need grace. At different points in our life, we need help. We need each other. And as Christ's hands and feet we are called to be those lifeguards -- to be those safety nets-- that help people before they crash and burn.

So my prayer is this-- Is Lord open my eyes to look for the broken. Take away our sterotypes and misconceptions and pride. Teach us how to love everyone, including people who aren't like us, so we can be your hands and feet in a broken world.

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