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Letters from God-- #unworthy

**This is a letter I wrote for anyone that feels unworthy or ashamed. I believe that God wants to show us that His love is far deeper and more powerful than we can ever imagine, so I hope you read this letter and know God's love for you.

Friend, daughter, son,

I hear you wondering if you are good enough for me. Wondering if you can ever be holy enough to serve me.

I see your eyes that look around the room, or the church, and the comparisons you make for yourself against others.

I see your shame for the ways you have fallen short. I've seen you compromise against things you've believed, and I've seen you hurt for that. I know your discouragement in your battle against sin. I see each tear that's fallen and I hear each lie that's been whispered to you from the evil one.

Child, I know so much more than your name, I know your story. And you don't need to remind me of your unworthiness.

Let me remind you, I died so YOU could be worthy of eternal life. I died for your freedom from this world's lies and captivity- so that you could be free.

So don't let the deserts and high places and darkness separate you from the love I have for you. Because I'm calling you to fertile valleys, I'm taking you to streams of water. I'm the one who is your shepherd and you are my sheep. And even when you wonder off, I am the shepherd who searches and finds his beloved.

I know this world may be hard and that you are tempted often to compromise. But I remind you that I will not tempt you beyond what you can bear, and that I will provide a way out when you are tempted (1 Corinthians 10:13).

I know that you are wondering if I really have a plan in this and if I can really do a good thing in you. And I want to remind you of Philippians 1:6 that I will finish what I started in you- the good thing I started and the way I started remaking you- I will continue to work on you until heaven.

I know you think the work in front of you is too heavy but I remind you that nothing is too difficult for the Lord who is YOUR God (Jeremiah 32:27).

I have cast your sins far farther than the sea and I have forgiven you. And I walk each day with you. I will strengthen you and I will help you with my righteous right hand (Isaiah 41:10).

Whatever people are saying about you, doesn't matter. It only matters what I think about you. In the end- the only thing I will remember- is if you chose to trust me and accept my love, or if you turned my love away.

So don't turn away from me- the God who loves you most. Don't let any human, take that away from you. Don't let any feeling, steal the joy I have for you. You are my child. And I'm deeply in love with you. So don't feel unworthy. You are mine: chosen, redeemed, and covered by my love.

You don't have to be the strayed sheep anymore. You can come rest in my fertile valley and abide in my care.

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