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Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! Isaiah 49:15

Friends, I've heard it said that there's no power stronger one earth than a mother's love. And yet the love our Father has for us is even so much deeper.

I work at a children's hospital and was taking care of a child who was both mentally handicapped and extremely sick. The child was helpless, and extremely needy.Yet the mother spoke tenderly to her daughter calling her Princess. Though mother got no sleep, she was bound and determined to provide the best healing and care for her daughter.

Her daughter would not be defined as beautiful in the world's terms and many people would not see the value in this girl. For she relied totally on her mother to be fed, washed, and cared for. Yet although the needs were burdensome- the mother chose again and again to serve her daughter in love and to invest endless time and energy in her care. For to this momma, nothing would ever change the fact that this was her baby- from her very own womb- and she was her princess.

What a beautiful example of a mother after God's own heart, and what a beautiful picture it is of the love and care the Father wants to bestow on us. I think if we could only begin to understand and meditate on this love- it would transform our whole thought process about ourselves and the way we treat others. Friends, so often I wonder of my worth and value, because I place it in external measures like performance and law-abidance. I look to earthly people to confirm my value instead of looking to my Father who created me..

And yet this sweet momma in the hospital reminds me of the flawless and unchanging love of God. God is the Father that sees the entirety of our journey- where we have came from and where we are going- loving us exactly where we are in this present moment. We have so much to thank God for, for His mercies and love for us.

That we can be sons and daughters in His Kingdom.

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