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My first safari

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

How has it only been a little over a week? It feels like I have been here longer..

So far it has truly been an amazing, wonderful experience. And I feel so blessed to be here.

The first short term mission group from Advent Health left today. It’s sad to see them go as it has been so much fun participating with them. The group brought many inspiring doctors, nurses, and children’s leaders that were so amazing, kind, and generous. I enjoyed joining them in providing mobile clinics. We put on 5 mobile clinics for local Masai people in different villages and we treated over 400 people and de-wormed over 700 children.

On Saturday I got to join the group for my first Kenyan safari. It was an amazing experience like no other. Mara West has their own safari vehicles and the "park" is actually quite close to where Mara West is located. We saw elephants, zebras, cheetahs, and even the hard-to-spot leopard. We also were able to ride all the way to the Tanzanian border and even step into Tanzania. The animals here are so amazing and it's so beautiful! The animals are dangerous but as long as you stay in the safari vehicles you will stay safe. And at the camp at Mara West we have local Masai "warriors" who guard the camp from lions and elephants which are some of the most dangerous animals.

Below are some pictures I want to show you of my first safari. It truly is an eye opening and crazy interesting experience. I definitely recommend that everyone should come over to Kenya to experience a safari like mine.

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