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Peace Like a River

In the middle of a chaotic day, during the hustle and bustle of taking care of my patients in the hospital, or running errands trying to get everything taken care of... I find my soul crying out inside for quiet, for peace, for time with the Lord.

There's a place my soul can run too and experience healing. There's a place I can simply just rest. And I find my soul resting when I lay down at the feet of Jesus. Jesus holds me in His arms, and I find my heart beat slowing down and listening to the melodies of his loving songs towards me.

This world is fast, it's taxing, it wants all I have to give and more. Sometimes I fear it screams at me "never enough" you're "never enough". The world wants all my energy, all my time, all my desires. But God calls to me amidst the noise, in a still quiet whisper, Brooke "I'm all you need." "Choose me." "I will always be enough, and you will never have to perform to satisfy me or earn my love."

As I spend time with Him, God takes me back to special places, Him and I have been. Like to Kenya, in the safari land, in the wild where I learned how to depend on God more fully- where my surroundings were truly elephants and giraffes and tents and indigenous people. God reminds me of how he has grown me in my nursing journey so far, everything he has taught me so far as a nurse and how he has stretched my faith and inspired me. This reminds me God has good plans to fulfill for my future professional journey and will never leave me without guiding me.

As I dwell in God's presence, He reassures me that He will take care of all my needs for today. He will provide my daily bread if I simply trust in His providence and goodness for my life. He reminds me that a spirit of gratitude and joy can dwell in my heart as I think about everything He has done for me. He promises to come close to me this Sabbath as I re-surrender my life to Him daily and ask for the Holy Spirit to guide me. And as I now have spent some time dwelling with God, I experience a peace so deep and rich, the world cannot give, because I know the Lord is on my side, and with God, what can any man do to me. I am freed from anxiety, or hurry, or concern to experience Sabbath and truly rest and enjoy presence with God and others today.

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