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Remind me

"And when I lose my way, when I forget my name remind me who I am.

In the mirror all I see is who I don't want to be

Remind me who I am

Tell me once again, who I am to you, that I belong to you" -- Jason Gray

Friends, I don't know how your spiritual journey is going. I don't know if you feel super connected right now and are trekking up the mountain and seeing God's hand of miracles. Or I don't know if you've been lying in the valley alone bleeding and crying out "Where are you?" I don't know if you've making good decisions in life and are proud of what you've been doing lately, or I don't know if you are ashamed.

But wherever you are, God is calling you to stay faithful to Him on the journey. To go back to the communion table with Jesus and remember how he has led you in the past and that his goodness for you is never failing. He has good plans for you. You are His child.

I love Jason Gray and his songs and I also love Andrew Peterson's song "You'll find your way" I want to share it with you here.

Friends, I'm a pediatric nurse. And sometimes I have patients who are suicide attempts. I wish that wouldn't ever be a thing- because a child should never have to go there in their head. But friends, this world is so dark and there's many people that are in pain.

I know that it's not just non-Christians that forget their value, but I know it happens to the leaders of the church ,and even pastors too. It can get hard to forget our identities in God. The road can seem to be like a dark maze- and it can get scary sometimes.

But though this world may have troubles, God reminds us to take heart. For He has overcome the world. He has a place called heaven- which He created for us. And He wants you to be there, He wants me to be there. So stay true to the road, that leads to heaven. Stay true to God's calling for your life and remember in the darkness, who Jesus says you are- and not what the world says.

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