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Running away... from social media

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Facebook, insta, youtube, netflix, snapchat: they all have one thing in common. They are about ME. Places where I can go brag, post pictures of myself, compare myself with others, stock people instead of asking questions about their lives, and develop "relationships"-- all without being judged, because that's what these sites are about. They help you develop "relationships" that require no investment, no time constraint, no denial of self-interest, relationships that come and go far too quickly, but offer instant gratification. Relationships that are cheap and quick- but often empty.

It's no secret social media is killing us all. If not our bodies (by obesity, fad diets, and stress) then it's killing our emotions (by comparison, complacency, envy, shame, fear, pride) and our minds ( decreasing thought process, decreasing creativity) killing our romance (because our honey moon pictures aren't as good as theirs, because we're too lazy to pursue when we can achieve a prize by simply clicking, because we lust). We all know it's dangerous. We all know we are an addicted. Just read the thousands of published articles in the last 5 years about the dangers of social media. Yet for most of us, despite the facts, we choose to use social media anyways.

This isn't a bash- you post because I do it too. Social media used to have nothing on me but now facebook makes me feel like I have more friends when night shift isolates me. Netflix is a medicine to run too when I'm stressed or tired. It makes me feel like I'm escaping-- out of this world-- out of these problems, it's like running away temporarily. Only when you turn off the computer, the last song ends-- you realize this is your life and you are wasting your time living in a fantasy world.

How do we escape from escapism?

How do we overcome the addiction of social media?

How is social media addiction destroying our walk with Jesus and the real relationships around us? And how do we beat it?

You may call this a cop out, but I'm temporarily running away from social media. AKA traveling remotely. For 6 months, I don't want to use social media or watch any movies. The reason why is this: I want to live my life and give my focus 100% to the present. I don't want to feel tempted to compare my life to other people or their expectations. I want a more "in the desert" experience with God and I don't want to be distracted. So while I'll be blogging, why I still hope to message or chat with my friends, I'm getting off facebook and netflix and I'm pretty excited.

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