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Sold Out on Jesus

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

A rich man who was an official came to Jesus "Good teacher, what must I do to deserve eternal life?" Deserve it? I can see him right there, dressed up nice and clean, pointing to the list of things he has done correctly since a child. He lists the commandments he has followed to Jesus, lists the community service projects, and church attendances... Jesus looks at his heart, as he looks to each one of ours.

This man feels deserving of the kingdom. He thinks he can earn his way into the gates of heaven. He feels like he's not far off from Christ's righteousness because he can name some good things he has done.

But Jesus sees into his heart...

This rich man is not sold out on Jesus. His treasure is still with the things of this world.

Jesus sees selfishness, he sees greed, he sees self-sufficiency where he wants God- dependency.

And Jesus says "one more thing you must do, sell all you have and give it away to the poor."

Sell all I have? Give up my comfortable life?

But God I've worked for this? God don't I deserve these good things?

Oh God I've worked for you, don't I earn something now like your goodness and blessings?

And God says friend..

I see your heart.

I see how you are trying to earn your way into heaven and my goodness. But your heart is not of me. Your heart has been given to this world.

"For where your treasure is there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21

For me friends, this parable really hits home in my heart right now because I realize I have a lot of treasure. Currently I'm stranded in Nairobi, but I feel that since I'm an American I'm entitled to go back to my country safely. I feel like because I'm a Christian God is entitled to provide a cheap and near flight for me. And I realize, how much I love my money friends, because I am so aware of how angry I am for having to spend $4500 on plane tickets back to the United States. And while I think it's ok to be aware and sad when we lose money, I have to question myself if I have put some of my identity and security in my bank account- if that could be a treasure for me.

Yes I've got lots of treasure because I have family that loves me and I love them. I've got friends and a boyfriend who I really care about. I've got a house that is comfortable and plenty of food awaiting for me when I get home. I've got a good job that pays well in an area I like. Do you see friends, how rich I am in the "treasures of this world"? And I think it's great to have friends, and have saving accounts, and have a good job and good relationship...

But listen, how easy it could be for us- who are rich in many ways of this world- to miss out on being "sold out on Jesus"? How quickly could I lose sight of God and His plans if I were to care so much about money, or earthly relationships, or comfort?

I think we all have to read this parable, and we have to ask God to search our hearts, and reveal to us whether we are truly sold out on Him. Whether there is any idol, that we could be worshipping without knowing it? Whether there is anything on this earth that we could miss out on the Kingdom for, because we loved it more than Jesus?

Friends, where our treasures is there are hearts will be also.

And where your mind often goes, what thoughts consume you, what do you love to talk about it, often that shows where your treasure is.

In Mark 10:21 it says Jesus looked at this man and loved him, Jesus also loves us. But he said to him lovingly "You still lack one thing." For this man lacked the loving, all consuming, passionate relationship with Jesus that made him willing to give up any comfort and anything on this earth. He lacked Deuteronomy 6:5 which says to "love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and with all your strength."

My prayer is this "that we would truly be willing to sacrifice our riches, our reputations, our earthly relationships in order to put Jesus first, to love him with everything we have." That nothing on earth- including our comfort and our money- would separate us from loving Christ and living a life forever with Him.

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