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The Little Things Matter

The little things matter. Overtime, little things and more little things, become big things.

"Watch your thoughts for they become words. Watch your words, because they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character."

The little things matter so much more than what we give them credit...

and that's why we have to meditate and reflect on each and every little thing we do and ask God to purify and cleanse our hearts, to rid us of every source of evil and un-pure intention.

Satan is in a war against God and Satan is fighting for our minds, hearts, and attention.

And Satan doesn't need us to give up all our convictions, in order to prove we are his followers. Satan doesn't need us to stand on a stage and declare atheism, to murder someone, or become an addict to drugs-- in order to prove he has dominion over us.

No, if Satan can addict us to coffee or overeating, and make us rude people when we don't have it, he has won a battle. If Satan can tempt us to dress and act more provocatively, to slip out some bad words when we are angry, to tell little white lies-- then we are stepping into His territory and that makes him excited. Every time we go into Satan's territory, we try out small sins, and we feel the effects of shame- and separation from God- that Satan can then amplify.

Often one bite of sin, is enough to subtly subdue us. For when we taste of evil, our desires of the flesh, and lusts of the world, and pride of life-- says I want more. It's a trap that leads us further down the road to depression and anxiety, guilt, and isolation. It's the little sins that often expose us to the way of darkness. And so often, it starts small, but its an addictive process.

If we look back to Genesis- creation's story- and our beginning- we see the fall of mankind. It can literally be found in one chapter- one small act- one bite from a tree.

Adam and Eve were given an instruction that they failed to obey. Although it may have been just an apple, blueberry, or peach.

It seemed small- but that one choice, cursed mankind forever.

It introduced guilt and shame. Adam and Eve could no longer be naked, and tragically paragraphs later, the first murder- from Eve's own child- Cain happened. Humanity went from perfect and beautiful to cursed, under the reign of Satan, in just a bite.

How could the fall happen so fast? How could we humans be tempted so easily?

Yet sometimes even as I look at myself, or the friends I've grown up with.. I have to wonder in curiosity.

Why is it so hard to stay following God and live on the straight and narrow path?

Why are so many young people leaving the church and falling away to sin?

How is it so easy for me, and others, to give away principles we have grown up with in order to experience temporary pleasure?

So many of my friends, who were such strong Christians at some point in their lives, have given up on their promises of purity until marriage, or their promise to keep the Sabbath holy, or avoid slanderous words. And it starts often with one thing, and then before you know it, many people are overcome.. and their lives begin to look just like other unbelievers in the world.

I'm not trying to judge anyone, except for myself, but I believe it's important to be aware that the small choices we make can have huge consequences in our future. Satan is the father of lies and the king of deceit. He is cunning and prowling like a lion seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8).

We can stand strong in Christ and be prepared to fight Him but we have to equip in the daily battle, putting on the armor of God, so we can overcome Satan in the big and small battles for our hearts and mind.

Stand firm then, with the belt of TRUTH fastened around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness arrayed, and with your feet fitted with the readiness of the gospel of peace... (Ephesians 6:14).

I don't know about you, but I want to do better, in the little things. I want to be more aware of the little things that could be taking me away from God, or the little things I could be doing, to grow closer to God. Because these little things matter.. they become big things.

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