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The Story

Sometimes the story we tell the world, isn't who we really are. Sometimes the pictures we post and the things we say don't reflect our hearts. Sometimes we are fake, living a life trying to measure up to other people. And I have to question sometimes even my own story's integrity.

As I look through so many pictures of 5 months in Kenya, I sort through the awful, embarrassing, and descent to pick which photos I want to share with the world. And as people ask me to "share with me about your trip" I will discern what I really want to share. And I think that's ok- we all do that in our life.

Friends, my journey in Kenya has been so adventurous, so fun, and meaningful and yet at other times it has been depressing, and boring, and lonely. And I haven't known what to write or how to say it. I've wanted to write encouraging things, I've wanted to share some truth but quite frankly somethings are hard to share. Learning about births and working in Kenya has been so special, and I will never forget the beautiful babies I got to help deliver here.

We each have a story of who we are- our journey of how we met Jesus- as a babe how we grew to come to know Him- and then how we matured. When we took up our crosses and carried them, the sacrifices we made, the wounds on our hearts, the celebrations and victories we conquered. The journeys and adventures we embarked on. We each have a story- I like to call them testimonies- and I think it's great to share them.

But at the end of the day- there's something that matters so much more than my story. And that is His story. At the end of the world, we will all be brought to trial to be challenged on if we have told it. Have we shared Christ with the world? Did we live to give Him glory? Did we magnify His story more than our own?

It doesn't matter if we were a teacher, a nurse, a computer guy, or even a "missionary" or pastor or ministry leader. The things we do don't matter as much as why we do them and who we do them for?

Did we do it for Jesus? Or did we have ulterior motives?

Friends His story matter so much more than mine. I may fail in my dream or ambition or goal but that doesn't mean He fails. What matters is if the words I say are teaching people about the love and grace of Jesus. What matters is if I share my food and drink with the hungry and they meet the true "Bread of life" and want to read the Word of God. It doesn't matter how many places I go, or things I try to do, what matters is if I'm letting God work in my life. His story matters not mine.

And His story is the hope and healing that the world needs. It has power. It can do miracles.

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