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This is Bolivia

Bolivia was like a breath of fresh air for my soul. I needed that trip so much! I loved it so much. Traveling and missions just felt so good... being with new friends and seeing new places can be so refreshing and can really free your mind.

10 days seems so short and it's easy to question if short term mission trips are really worth it. I know for me, it's tempting to list the reasons why short term mission trips aren't very beneficial in contrast to long term. It's tempting on paper to think that spending all that money to go for such little a time- is stupid and wasteful... And maybe sometimes if we're honest, it is.

But this trip for me was super empowering, inspiring, and memorable and I have absolutely no regrets about going. Being in Bolivia was a great opportunity for me to spend time with my family, and a great reminder of God's faithfulness. Being in Bolivia, also gave me alot more confidence towards my trip to Kenya.

I think for me- working nights in the hospital has been super exhausting and traveling overseas- made me realize how burnt out I'd gotten. Traveling and doing missions just makes me "come alive" in a different way and just makes me feel so free. Being in Bolivia also reminded me of the year I spent in Peru, the wonderful people I met, the churches, the loving community. It just felt like a South America- home away from home.

Bolivia was a Maranatha mission trip and we built 2 churches for the locals in Cochabamba, as well as put on Vacation Bible school programs and evangelism meetings for the kids.

These are friends and members of the local Bolivian church in Cochabamba.

These are VBS kids who enjoyed music, puppets, Bible stories, and crafts.

This is what the 2 churches looked like. Lots and lots of bricks.

This was a picture of Bolivia as we traveled by van from Cochabamba to Santa Cruz.

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