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Your Goodness and Mercy

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

"The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abounding in goodness and truth" Exodus 34:6

"Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him." Psalm 34:8

I hope you know Him, I hope you know Jesus and His goodness. Because when you know Him, everything is better. In the darkness, you can finally see a light. In the pain, you can endure because you have hope. In uncertainty, you can finally have peace because you know someone who has perfect plans for your life.

Friends, I hope you know Him because knowing Him is the most beautiful and worthwhile quest, the only thing we can devote our lives too that will never be in vain. Knowing Him is the only thing in life worthy of pursuing with everything we have, it's our hope of loving better, our hope of being healed, our hope of experiencing pure joy. His presence is what our hearts need more of.

In my life, God has given me so many gifts- so many experiences that let me know Him more, so many people that have helped me to love better and friends and family that have loved me so deeply. God has been so good to me personally, and He has seen me through some really hard or scary situations that I know I couldn't have made it without Him.

And because of His love for me, I want to try to love others better, I want to try to talk about Jesus more because He is my Savior.

So whatever you're going through in this life, I promise that if you look to Jesus it will get better. That truly your life can be breaking and He can be healing at the same time. That He can use any situation to help you grow and He can give you peace even in the most adverse circumstances. I believe that His love is so much bigger than any sin or darkness you might be struggling in, and that His grace and mercy and healing are strong enough to cover your life fully and make you into a new creation. And I just pray that if you are struggling, that you would give God a chance at helping you. That His presence would be more than enough to comfort you and give you more hope.

Because He is good, our Father is good, and He deserves all of our praises, all of our worship, and all of our love.

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