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5 Things I Love SO much

I love Jesus. He's the person who changed my life that most and the person who will never leave me. He changed my life, took away my fears and helped me become a nurse- something I never imagined doing. He gives me joy and purpose.

 I love traveling and adventure. Exploring and seeing new places changes who you are and teaches you so many new things. I love South America, Spanish, and the beautiful people I've met in Peru, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Mexico, and Argentina. I also have visited Korea, Jamaica, and finally Kenya.

I love sports and health. I think God created us to be healthy and to exercise and eat clean foods. I love helping others when they are sick to feel better.

I love babies and kids. I think they are beautiful, precious, and amazing. I love being a pediatric nurse or helping bring a baby into the world.

I love tea- especially matcha green tea. I love the hippy vibes tea brings. I love the community it creates where people can laugh and talk and relax.