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About this blog

I love writing because it helps you process life and think about things in a deeper way. When I write, I find that my focus is clearer and I know what I want. Writing helps me learn more about Jesus and remember the things He has taught me in life. 

I love reading other people's blogs and stories because our lives are full of so many adventures, and it's fun to share them with others.

I want my blog to be a way to connect with people who know me and to share with others how good Jesus is.

I am a pediatric nurse, and lover of sports and wellness, traveling and missions. Part of this blog are about nursing and the highs and lows I face in the work field. Other parts are about health and wellness. I also write about traveling, my adventures in missions and spending six months in Kenya as well as on short term trips. And primarily I write about my relationship with Jesus. Thanks for reading along with me, I would love to know your thoughts or connect with you =)

Road Tripping
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