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Slowly I'm Learning..

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Slowly I'm learning that the difference between thriving and surviving is often an attitude change. That I choose how happy I will be and whether or not I want to praise God for what I've been given.

Slowly I'm learning that life isn't fair. That based on my background and my color, I've been given advantage. But even so, I can't rely on other people to provide for me. I have to use my voice to ask for what I want- more importantly what I need. And if I open my eyes to take care of others first,I will find my heart is much more fulfilled.

Slowly I'm learning that colors and distances don't separate us. But only our fears and misconceptions about each other. That I can be friends with whoever I let myself be friends with. But that vulnerability is required in order to find community.

Slowly I'm learning that my faith isn't something easy or simple. That God is a Creator, warrior God and that I have to be prepared to fight, and struggle, and wrestle with Him and for Him. That emotions don't define my spirituality and neither does church attendance, friend groups, or the things I don't wear or drink.

Slowly I'm learning that my plans can fade in an instant. That all my worry and striving is meaningless. That time doesn't operate on my schedule or calendar. That life and God's plans will have it's way and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

Slowly I'm learning that I'm not as strong as I once thought as I was but I'm not weak as I was either. I'm learning that I need people, learning to need God, learning to be brave when I feel afraid.

Slowly I'm learning that God doesn't want one part of my life. He doesn't just want me to obey the rules but He wants my heart. He wants my loves, fears, an dreams. He wants to be more than someone I worship on Saturdays, He wants me to be my best friend, Savior, and King.

So these are some things I've been learning-- What about you? What has God been teaching you? Love you guys and thanks for reading my blog, it means a lot to me.

Please keep me in your prayers to know God better and serve with more love, as well as my friend Anna as she travels down here next Tuesday =)

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