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There will be days- poetry

There will be days

When you fall on your face

Just trying to walk

And you feel like everyone's laughing at you

There will be days

When you feel like you are alone in the world

Like nobody can understand your problems

And the darkness has overtaken you

There will be days

When you will be so afraid

You will cry out to be rescued

But nobody will hear you

There will be days

When you are in pain

When blood is pouring down your face

And nobody takes the time to see you

And in these days

You will scream to the God of the Universe

And ask Him why

Why this? Why me?

Am I worth anything?

And I believe that if you listen

You may hear a voice

On these days

For these days

And for every day

Calling out amidst the storm

That you are mine

That your name

Is written on my face

That I made this golden flower just for you

That I sculpted your body

That I made your heart

And that I was the one that gave you the joke

You laughed at for 20 minutes yesterday

That I am the one who created the butterflies

That I threw salt into the Oceans

so you could swim

And be free

That I knew you

Before you were created

And I knew that I loved you then

And I knew that you were enough for me

And I will give you days

When the sun will shine it's bright warmth

On your face

And kiss you golden

When you will find love

And dance around

And paint like peacocks

You will find your wings and fly together

There will be days when you will have not a care in the world

And when you will hold a puppy

And play fetch

Or chase a blue mockingjay

And on these days

That I give you

I want to remind you

Of my original creation

And my love for you

There will come a day

When there will be no more bad days

But only rainbows with lions and fire

That doesn't burn

A place where old people laugh

Free from pain

And newborns never die

A place of color and light

Where the sun will radiate the sky like cotton candy

This time of joy is coming soon

And I wish I could express to you

That although each bad day makes me sad for you

It holds no comparison to the joy and home I have for you

So please don't give up on me

Because of a bad day

Don't slander my name

When the lightening hits your side of the roof

For I see each tear that falls

And I've given you a star for each

And I strategize to remind you

How I love you

So much

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